As a church we are inspired by the conviction that -

  • God, the creator of all, passionately loves every person – longing for them to know him and enjoy him now and forever.
  • God exists in three persons – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • God longs to relate to each one of us as a loving heavenly father, making himself known through –
    • The magnificence of all he has created.
    • The Bible – God’s inspired written word – which we can trust fully for what to believe and how to behave.
    • Jesus – God in human flesh – who came to make known what God is like, to guide us how to live, to give his life on the cross so we can know true forgiveness and life to the full. Through his death and resurrection we can receive salvation, healing and a certain future.
  • God works in our lives as the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes to Jesus, makes us children of God, guides us, and gives us the power and ability to love and serve others.
  • God has an ultimate purpose for all he has created. The day will come when Jesus Christ returns to judge those alive and those who have died and to establish a new heaven and new earth.